/ˈkændl / (say 'kandl)

1. a long, usually slender, piece of tallow, wax, etc., with an embedded wick, burnt to give light.
2. something like this in appearance or use.
3. international candle, a unit of luminous intensity established by international agreement, defined in terms of specially constructed electric lamps, now replaced by the candela.
verb (i) (candled, candling)
4. to examine (especially eggs for freshness) by holding between the eye and a light.
5. burn a candle for, to suffer unrequited love for.
6. burn the candle at both ends, to lead a too strenuous existence; attempt to do too much, as by making an excessive demand on one's available energy, rising early and retiring late, etc. {Phrase Origin: from the notion of a person who burns the candle late into the night, then burns the other end in order to see in the darkness before dawn the next morning}
7. hold a candle for, to remain hopeful about.
8. not hold a candle to, to be unable to compete with, or stand comparison to: *The author believed current English star all-rounder Andrew Flintoff couldn't hold a candle to the enigmatic World War II fighter pilot's cricketing deeds. –aap news, 2005. {Phrase Origin: ? from an apprentice holding a candle to assist the master at work. Hence someone who can not hold a candle to another is not fit or able to do the task.}
9. not worth the candle, not worth the effort or expense. {Phrase Origin: from medieval times when candles were the source of light for any night activities. Because of their expense, their use had to be considered carefully. The activity had to be worth the cost of the lighting.}
{Middle English, Old English candel, from Latin candēla}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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